Sperm Dash/精疲力尽


Sperm Dash is an endless running mobile game that centers around sex education. Players of this game take the role of a sperm, who will have to avoid numerous bacteria in the human body while swimming toward its ultimate goal: the egg. In the process, players will also encounter mysterious boxes, randomly earning special props. But be aware: some of them can help  to turn the tide, but some, will only make the journey more thrilling.


Feel like this single sperm looks too monotonous? Don’t worry, Sperm Dash has a tons of sparkling skins for you to choose. As long as you play the game long enough, you will eventually save enough Ero (the currency used in the game) to buy boxes and win your favorite one!


Sperm Dash operates upon a subscription-free and charitable basis, which means that the application itself does not make us any profit. (eg. in-app purchases, advertisements, etc. are all disabled) We’ve incorporated elements of entertainment as well as scientific knowledge in our application to ensure that players are able to obtain correct sexual knowledge whilst still having a swell time.


This application’s target audience is towards users of age twelve. Plethoras of knowledge is waiting for you in the game!

  • 朝着卵子,不断前进!冲啊!