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“This game has triggered a lot discussion among Chinese netizens. Most of them hold a really positive attitude. They believe the game shows that China’s sex education is advancing; more people are paying attention to this issue. “

CCTV International – CGTN

“Most dialogue choice games render player choices inconsequential, frequently forcing players to adhere to a central plot”, one Steam user, who identified as a software engineer, wrote. “Self-Reliance radically breaks this norm, exploring and expanding upon every choice, this leads to an incredibly realistic and satisfying play through.”


“作为一个未成年人独自完成的游戏,游戏的制作并不十分精良,有网友评 价游戏的页面设计略显简陋,视频演绎和剪辑亦有可提升之处。不过,这 款游戏在 Steam 平台上仍然收获了不少好评,有网友赞扬题材新颖有创意。


“《自我性赖》的制作团队,年龄分布在 16-17 岁之间,这是一个本该正接 受完善性教育的年龄,如今却在用青涩的手段,试图反施社会以教育,这 确实“不正常”得引人深思。

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