Self Reliance/自我性赖

Self-Reliance: Sex-education Video Game

Self-Reliance is a live-action interactive adventure game. As the player follows the steps of the character in each episode, they can lead the storyline to different endings with their choices. The players are also able to learn accurate sexual knowledge, establishing correct attitudes and values, from the followed clips after each episode’s ending.

Self-Reliance 自我性赖 是一款全程使用真人影像(无色情内容)互动式冒险类游戏。真人影像的方式让玩家更有代入感,更加身临其境地跟随游戏主角的脚步一起冒险,通过不同的选择来决定自己的命运,走向不同的结局。游戏过程中,玩家在感受电影质感的影片带来的视觉刺激和娱乐之余,还能学习权威准确的性知识,建立正确的态度和价值观。

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