Your donation would mean a lot for us! 你的捐赠是对我们很大的支持!

Why do we need donation? 为什么我们需要捐赠?

Our game, Self Reliance, is using internet server to provide its content. We are currently supporting the server by ourselves and the fee to maintain is obviously very hard for students to afford. Also, the donation fund will also be used in game video shooting and content research.

我们的游戏Self Reliance 自我性赖使用了服务器存储我们的游戏内容。目前,团队内部自行承担着所有的维持服务器的费用,简称用爱发电。你的捐赠将帮助我们缓解经济压力,并专注于提升游戏的品质和用户体验。捐赠也会用于游戏的开发拍摄和内容考察。

Donate with this link below/通过摩点云养计划捐赠:

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