Eroducate 亦裸

Established in October 2018, Eroducate is an organization, aiming to spread sex education via social media and game development. Until now, we have accumulated 6000+ subscribers on our Media Account Eroducate 亦裸. We developed a game called “Self-Reliance”, available on Steam, GooglePlay, and AppStore. The game gathered over 300k active players and has 5 released episodes.

创立于2018年十月,Eroducate 亦裸是一个致力于通过社交媒体和电子游戏推广性教育的组织。截至目前,我们的微信公众号Eroducate拥有6000+订阅者。我们开发的游戏《Self Reliance 自我性赖》在Steam,Google Play,Appstore,以及闪剧和哔哩哔哩都有发布,拥有超过30万的玩家。截止目前,我们推出了5集游戏剧情,并且仍在持续更新。

Once our game was released, we were interviewed and reported by 20+ media outlets, including CGTN, Global Times, and Shanghai Daily. We update the game and post new articles regularly to maintain our popularity and gather more players. Until now, we posted 30+ articles and updated 5 game episodes with increased quality.